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About us

We  are a small business since 2015. Before put all our passion and effort to the wedding business, we use to work in the corporate and comercial video production. We pass to the scripts, lights and action, to the crazy action at the weddings days, but WE LOVED! After more than 100 events. We still enjoy the hear a beautiful speeches at the toast time, and enjoy all the feelings happening in this amazing moments! This is the reason because we get our 100 percent  to get the best coverage possible at  the event day! Since the first  meeting we commitment to be part of each event with passion and solid experience of more than 12 years in the photo and video industry.

We love to meet people, we are easy to work and we have a really good customer service.


We would love to hear from you soon!


Cesar & Khronos team 

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Email: info@khronosphoto.com

Tel. 832-994-5263

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